Pretty Flatware Picks

Q. Hi Jordan,

I am shopping for new spoons/forks/knives for my apartment. I want a set with some character, but nothing too crazy. What are your favorite flatware styles?

– Amy

A. Really, a lot depends on the look of your plates, but you can’t go wrong with simple styles infused with a unique detail or two.

I love gold sets lately (like this one), but that’s quite a statement and not for everyone, so here are some more favorites that are traditional with a little twist:

Clockwise from top left: Lenox Flatware ($190/65-piece set); Kate Spade Abbington ($70/5-piece set); Williams-Sonoma Laguiole ($89/5-piece set); Kate Spade Belle Boulevard ($70/5-piece set)

And here’s a romantic, vintage look (Pottery Barn Maxfield, $99/5-piece set), if that’s more your style:

And finally, if all of these are too pricey, try Ikea. They’re not going to last you a lifetime, but they have lots of cute, extremely well-priced sets; I particularly like the Rustik ($30/20-piece set) for a retro country look:



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