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For Those Kinds Of Nights / Facial Cleansing Cloths

Q. I read your blog and decided to start using Cor soap because of your rave. I’ve never had anything even out my skin tone and make my skin feel so good. I even raved about it on my own blog.

Do you have any recommendation for facial cleansing wipes that might give me similar results for those few times it would be nice to wipe the makeup away and just go to bed?

– Ronja

A. Right?! Cor is just awesome. Ridiculously expensive, but – and I mean this – totally worth it. Both because of how well it works (full review here), and because it lasts forever. I’ve had the same bar now for so long that it’s starting to get weird (and if you just want to test the waters, those little sample size bars also last a bizarrely long time).

Anyway, I hear you on occasionally needing to keep emergency supplies by the bed for the nights when you are simply not moving in the direction of the sink. I keep a stash of Proactiv Makeup Removing Cloths ($15) in my drawer, and they’re great – very soft and thick, and get everything off without drying your skin or leaving residue.

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