How-To: Get Oil Out Of Leather


So I love dry oil spray, I do…but I do not love it when I forget that our beautiful leather chair is now sitting in our bedroom to make room for the tree, and accidentally give it a coating of (beautifully scented) spots.


Totally get-outable.

And it’s easier than you think.

All you do: pour a ton of talcum powder onto the area (no sprinkling; pile that stuff right on) and let it sit. Allow your husband to be utterly perplexed when he spots the disaster scene upon his arrival home and wonders aloud whether you’ve developed a raging drug problem or taken to baking cakes in the bedroom. And then, after a few hours have gone by (those of you with fewer curious dogs than I should leave it there overnight), wipe the powder off with a dry cloth.

That’s it.

Ta da!

(The chair looks like it’s a completely different color in each shot because it’s next to a window and the pictures were taken at different times of the day. But you get the idea.)

  • ah I am so excited to try this. My husband was making cupcakes and got oily frosting on my beautiful kate spade wallet and it has a giant grease stain on it for months now. I hope maybe this will make even a dent in the stain.

    • Anonymous

      ooh – one thing i forgot to note – this is a get-to-it-right-away trick. the fresher the stain, the better it’ll work, because the oil will soak up into the powder more easily. but you never know – it could help to fade the spot a bit! give it a shot. and if that doesn’t work, try a good leather conditioner or take it to a professional.

      • I did the leather conditioner and it dulled it for sure. It is a soft tan color with gold stamped letters so I am trying to fix myself first for fear others won’t be as delicate. My other idea was actually trying to stain the whole thing. Thank you!

  • lisa

    do tell – which dry oil spray do you use?

    • Anonymous

      votre vu on holiday

  • Coffee Cashmere

    I just want to say, I love your blog. A friend of mine told me about it because I’m an upandcoming blogger, engaged to a musician, loves diy, cooks up a storm, and the kicker…. I have a two year old daughter named Indie. A little cray cray. I will most def keep up with your stuff. Check out my life (I go by our middle names in my blog, paranoia anyone?) http://www.coffeeandcashmere.com 
    Much love.
    – Aimee Jade

    • Anonymous

      hey aimee –
      so glad you found your way here! checking out your site now 🙂

  • theresa

    baking soda works too!

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