Bang, Bang, Bang (On The Door, Baby)

(Anytime you can throw in a B-52s reference, amIright?)

Here is a direct quote from less than a month ago:

“You know how life changes (breakups, graduations, moves, etc) always make you want to cut all your hair off, or dye it red? For me, it’s always bangs…Of course, when urges like this strike me I need to remember that I did have bangs: it was in fourth grade, and they were very, very averse to physical contact with the skin on my forehead and had a tendency to flee in various directions. And while that kind of misbehavior would be fine if I had lots of time to spend playing with flat irons these days, the recent life change that inspired this particular desire to switch up my look has left me with a little less grooming time than usual. Like, none.”

In other words: Jordan, for the love of god, do not have a baby and all of a sudden decide that you must cut bangs.


I like them so much.

(And I got a bunch of bang-styling tips from Karmela at John Sahag Workshop, who did the cut, to mitigate the “fleeing in various directions” thing. Coming up shortly!)

Anyway, bangs-getting was just one part of my very wonderful Saturday. Kendrick wanted to get in some one-on-one baby bonding time, so I took advantage by going on a little bit of a date with…me.

I got breakfast with some girlfriends, took care of a whole bunch of errands, stopped into the hair salon…and accidentally fell into a store, where shopping accidentally happened. But I managed to restrict myself to buying only one thing, and that thing was a thirty-dollar vest that immediately became one of my favorite items in my closet, so in my book that’s what one calls a “happy” accident.

What lovely day isn’t made lovelier by the addition of a little rooftop gymnastics session?

On me: Mossimo plaid shirt from Target, Forever 21 vest and tights, True Religion cutoffs, CoverGirl Lip Perfection lipstick in Born With It, Bulgari sunglasses c/o Sunglass Hut, Rebecca Minkoff purse, Nine West Camelot boots, Fringe Lariat necklace c/o chloe + isabel.

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