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Weekend Snapshots & Sparkle Fingers

This weekend was about:

…rose-colored glasses…

…lots and lots of us (three) time…

…floral pastels (H&M silk bed jacket) mixed in with autumn rust (Raven Denim cords)…

…and sparkle fingers all over the place.

But isn’t that nail polish sort of amazing? I usually don’t like polishes with big hunks of glittery stuff in them because a) I’m not 16, and b) they tend to go on unevenly and look sloppy…but Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop is the best possible incarnation of glitter polish. The lacquer itself is a gorgeous soft pink, and two coats deposit the glitter in a beautifully haphazard way (more “beautifully haphazard” than “uneven and sloppy”, I think, to the fact that glitter is in assorted sizes, colors, and shapes).

You know who else loved the polish? My FedEx delivery dude. When I signed off on a package yesterday he stopped me to tell me what beautiful nails I had. Really.

One note: the stuff chips quickly. It’s three days since application, and granted, I’m a disaster when it comes to taking care of my nails, but still: they’re very chipped already. Fortunately, the soft pink/glitter combo means that you can’t really tell.

For holiday gift-giving, I love the ‘Get This Party Started’ gift set ($42) pictured above, which includes Candy Shop, as well as Happy Birthday (straight-up glitter) and Forget You (glitter with a black base – ooh).

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