Last-Minute Halloween Costumes: Shop Your Closet

Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting lots of questions about easy Halloween costumes. Fortunate, because those are exactly the kinds of costumes that I do, when I do them at all.


When I was a kid, I had amazing, labor-intensive costumes courtesy of my mom – everything from Cher to a can-can dancer to spider to a house (no joke; it was my favorite costume ever. Also, I was a weird kid) – but once I started having to whip up the things on my own, it all went downhill. I’m just a lazy lady when it comes to this stuff.

Witness the above, from 2008.

Ooh, a cat. No one’s ever done that one before.

But at least that costume involved a trip to an actual store, for ears and a collar. More often, I make elaborate plans to get it together to do something brilliant, and then get busy or forget or whatever, and end up rummaging through my closet around 7PM on October 31st searching for a way to pull together a semblance of a costume from stuff I already own.

But you know what?

You can usually whip up something pretty cool doing just that.

Two years ago was one of my favorite costumes ever: Atreyu and the Childlike Empress from Neverending Story. I wore a La Perla nightgown that I had picked up for $25 at that great sample sale place over on Fifth Avenue, a vintage beaded bolero that I wore to the prom when I was in 9th grade, and a random old necklace strung around my forehead. And super cool eye makeup.

What I’m saying, in short, is that shopping your closet doesn’t have to mean ending up in a boring costume.

I put together a list of last-minute shop-your-closet Halloween inspiration over on Celebrations – click here to check it out. (One more addition to that list that I love and forgot to include: Buttercup and Westley during their escape from the Fire Swamp).

Any more ideas for last-minute shop-your closet Halloween looks?

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