What To Do With All Your Extra Vases

Q. Hi Jordan,

I have accumulated about 5 vases over the past 2 years, and have no idea what to do with them! My apartment is too small to have five vases full of flowers at any given time without looking like I’m trying to start my own florist shop, so I was wondering if you had stumbled across any other uses.

– Arwen

A. I have the same thing – a shelf packed with random clear vases that came with floral arrangements. They’re not really pretty enough to display without a little extra adornment, and, like you, I don’t exactly have space for five entire vases full of flowers (not that I’ve ever received five bouquets of flowers at one time…but we can dream).

Some suggestions:

– Use one or two (or a few smaller ones) as a centerpiece and fill them with seasonal whatsits (like shells or sand in the summer, pinecones in the winter, citrus fruit in the springtime) and/or votive candles (or larger pillar candles, depending on the size).

– Use them as mini planters (try planting a selection of herbs in them and lining them up along a wall in your kitchen, or perhaps above the sink). I’ve slaughtered every plant that I’ve ever come into contact with, but for apartment planter tips, go here, and go here for a list of apartment-friendly plants.

– Use smaller vases as candy jars – I do this on occasion (especially around the holidays), and whenever people come over, I swear, the little jar of Blow Pops is the first thing they go for.

– Use them to store things like kitchen utensils, makeup brushes, pens, remote controls (square vases work better for this) and other random stuff that tends to get disorganized.

– Fill them with pretty things and use them as bookends. (Make sure to use heavy stuff as filler – and choose lower vase styles – so they don’t topple over.)

– Use them as display cases – my grandmother had an enormous old vase that she had placed over a sculpture my aunt had made, and it was lovely. And kept the thing away from my five-year-old fingers, as a bonus.

– If you have a tall, narrow vase with a pretty shape it can be used as a carafe (either to serve wine/water to guests or to fill with water and keep by your bed at night).



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