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Favorite Scent-Related Discoveries Of The Moment

Fact: I’m more than a little obsessed with having a pretty-smelling home and person at all times, and as such, am constantly in search of beautifully-scented new products.

Found ’em!

Left: Mustela Musti ($29) is basically baby perfume (a paraben-free, alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, super-mild floral scent), which is, ok, sort of (very?) weird (although exactly the kind of “weird” that I can get on board with)…but it is so beautiful that chances are it’ll be spending just as much time on my skin as it will on our baby’s. I picked up a bottle on Saturday morning (after weeks of hemming and hawing over the stuff due to aforementioned weirdness), and ended up wearing it myself all weekend. For real. Even though you have to get up close and personal to smell it at all…that’s sort of the point, right?

Right: Caldrea is a great brand generally (I love their kitchen countertop cleaners and liquid hand soaps), but the Sweet Pea Room Freshener ($14) is something special. It’s like clean linen with the tiniest hint of sweetness, and the kind of thing that you could use to freshen up your place before guests arrive without worrying that anyone might find the scent offensive. Because there’s just no way they could. You know how everyone likes Febreze? This is like that, minus any unfortunate associations with commercials involving floor-sniffing.


  • jane

    Wait, baby perfume is supposed to be for the baby to wear? I thought it was for the parents to be able to wear a perfume without irritating the baby….  I knew babies could be stinky, but I didn’t realize they were trying to impress anyone! Weird product.

    • Anonymous

      totally weird, right? i think it can be used on skin, but is really more for scenting clothing.

  • MissGG

    I am from Spain, and one of the things I miss the most here in Canada is baby cologne, it is not perfume, its a very light scent “waterish” cologne. I am addicted to it, great after shower tonificant clean smell (cero alcohol) and a beautiful subtle smell even for your linens. The best for me are: Nenuco. Petti Cherie and De Nenes.