What To Wear: Rock-Star Wedding

Q. Hi Jordan,

I am a long-time reader and big fan.  I’ve drawn a lot from your blog and your general outlook.  Thank you for being so sunny, I hope you realize that attitude is infectious even over the internet!

I need some fashion advice.  I have a very close friend who is getting married in February. The happy couple are musicians, and the wedding feel is more “rockstar party” than “virgin bride.”  Even the bride herself is wearing a short, sexy dress.

I have no idea what to wear. The wedding theme colours are “peacock colours,” which also complicates matters because as a redhead, jewel tones are what look best on me. To add one extra layer of challenge for you, I always struggle with what to wear as a cover-up for formal events in the winter.

Thank you so much, and best wishes with the baby!


A. OK, so that sounds like the most fun wedding to get dressed for ever. It’s the Holy Grail of wedding attire. And contrary to your worries, I think you lucked out with the red hair and the peacock colors theme, because unless we’re talking lady peacocks, it’s actually all about the jewel tones. With your coloring, you’d look spectacular in bright teal, emerald green, or deep purple.

Let’s start with an inspiration board to talk overall look, color theme, and ridiculously-expensive-but-beautiful-to-look-at dress ideas.

(If you’re curious, clockwise from the left those dresses are Roberto Cavalli, Narciso Rodriguez, Notte by Marchesa – actually my favorite, and on sale for about $350 – Lanvin, and Halston.)

So the overall look I’d do is nothing too short or tight (because it’s still a wedding), but dramatic in terms of color and cut. A sorta Studio 54 On A Sophisticated Evening look. Some more affordable dress ideas (all under $200):

From left: DVF ($129), Halston Heritage ($134), Catherine Malandrino ($191), Warehouse ($125), Oasis ($50), TopShop ($120)

And here are some options for accessories: I like the idea of pinning a sparkly vintage piece into your updo, or giving a literal nod to the peacock theme with some feathers.

And finally, you asked about wintry cover-ups: I’d do a cashmere wrap or capelet, and go for luxe grey (with teal or purple), or glamorous gold or silver (with any color)…just avoid basic black. If you’re in the mood to go big, try a short faux leopard jacket – amazing.

Have fun at the wedding! I’m jealous :).

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