WEN by Chaz Dean

I rarely talk about products I don’t like – mostly because I don’t see the point; I’d rather tell you about things I recommend – but I get so many queries about the WEN by Chaz Dean line I thought I’d let you know my thoughts. And those thoughts are: eh.

WEN, for those of you unfamiliar with the products, is a non-lathering (soap-free) haircare line that’s sort of the anti-shampoo: it purports to eliminate the “harsh and damaging” chemicals and detergents found in other cleansers, thereby leaving your hair soft and healthy.

I ordered a box of products a couple of years ago on the enthusiastic recommendation of a friend, and kept it up for about three months (over the course of which I tried both the Sweet Almond Mint and Cucumber Aloe lines), and honestly, it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t like the non-lathering formula – I never got that fresh-from-the-shower super-clean feeling – wasn’t a huge fan of the scents, felt like the packaging was a little flimsy and dated-looking (again, this was a couple of years ago; it might’ve changed), and really didn’t like that it seemed virtually impossible to cancel my “subscription” – box after box after box arrived in the mail in the coming months, and though repeated calls to the company ended up removing the charges from my credit card bill, it all made me a little nuts.

But I know that the stuff is billed as basically a miracle product for hair, so I’m wondering: what have those of you who’ve tried it thought of the line (or similar non-lathering haircare products)? Did you like it? Or were you as on the fence about the stuff as me?

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