Baby Shower!

Granted, there are some hormones in the house at the moment (seriously, can coffee shops please stop playing “Your Song” whenever I walk through the doors? I prefer my lattes without a side of tears and embarrassment), but this weekend left me absolutely spinning with happiness.

My baby shower (at 44 1/2, on Saturday) was hosted by my mom and Morgan, and was perfect in every single way…but it wasn’t the food, the decor, or the sweet gifts for the baby that made it so perfect – it was the joy and support I felt from my family and friends. The fact that people I love put so much effort into putting together a celebration for our son. And in a small miracle, I made it out without crying – I only fell into the danger zone once, when I opened a Peter Rabbit china coin bank from my parents (I had a set of Peter Rabbit china to use on special occasions when I was a little girl).

Pictures and such after the jump!

These ideas (Morgan’s) were so great that I thought I’d post them here to inspire those of you who may be hosting showers in the future. First, she had everyone bring a onesie, and hung them on a clothesline (along with a note from each attendee so we didn’t lose track of whose was whose), so they doubled as decor and gifts.

And those bags each held a bunch of little plastic baby-related toys (you can get them in craft stores) – everyone reached in and felt around without looking, and wrote down their best guesses for what was inside, and then the winner went home with a gorgeous Williams-Sonoma gift set.

How pretty is this?! (That’s the garden behind 44 1/2.)

Each table was sprinkled with confetti and decorated with a tissue paper flower and a semi-embarrassing photo of me as an infant (oh, drool).

Tummy! (The dress, if you’re interested, is another find from Winner’s, in Canada. Thirty bucks!)

Cake pops!

And food! (On the left, that’s Scott, my good friend and owner of 44 1/2.)

With some of my beautiful friends.

Scott bringing out a “shower cake.”


Mom crocheted (another!) blanket for the baby. (Opening this present: Danger Zone #2 for the tears thing.)

After the party, we went back to my parents’ place to wash all the newborn stuff with fragrance-free detergent (they have a laundry room in the building; we don’t). Roxie (one of my parents’ cats) spent the rest of the evening breaking in the Funky Farmyard Activity Mat. I anticipate a similar reaction from the dogs once they lay eyes on the thing: “Ooh! A new bed just for us?!”

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