…And A Few More Weekend Snapshots

On Friday evening, Francesca and I ventured towards Lincoln Center to catch up over coffee at the Empire Hotel and to check out the goings-on at the tents. (That’s my favorite outfit these days – an oversized, cozy flannel from Bolton’s, of all places + stretchy black jeans.)

Had to show you my new favorite polish color: OPI Ski Teal We Drop, a rich blue-green from the Fall 2010 Swiss Collection. I’m very into teal at the moment, but am also very picky about it: I don’t want anything too bright, too green, or too sparkly. This one is just perfect: deep, luxe-looking, and exactly what I want to be on my toes this fall.

And how cute are Francesca’s shoes? That kind of heel (the low, curved heel you often find on ballroom dancing shoes) is so pretty for fall, in addition to being comfortable enough to wear all around town (or all around Fashion Week, as it were).

In case you were wondering, the french fries at the Empire Hotel are spectacular.

And you know what we did on Saturday…but this is how we spent Sunday: putting together more things for Lucy to obsess over (she clearly thinks the high chair…and the stroller…and the bouncy swing are hers) and picking up some last-minute must-haves over at Buy Buy Baby.

And collapsing a bit in front of The Office, because wow, was that ever a long and energetic weekend.

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