Lazy Days

I’m slowing down a bit these days.

There’s a whole lot of waddling going on towards the evening hours (I still feel rather sprightly in the mornings), I’ve started adding 10 minutes to the time it takes me to get to the train station (or anywhere), and Kendrick has taken to actually planting his hands on my butt and sort of lifting/pushing me up stairs (not so graceful, but pretty cute, and guaranteed to elicit “awws” from total strangers).

Did you know that late in pregnancy (and I’ll officially be “full term” – not at my due date but nevertheless OK To Go if labor starts – in just a couple of weeks), your non-baby-growing organs get all bunched up somewhere around your shoulders? Well, perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but it certainly doesn’t feel like one: eating large meals and taking deep breaths gets considerably more difficult, just because there’s exponentially less space available for things like…food and air. (You handle these problems, incidentally, by eating smaller meals more frequently and sleeping sort of propped up and tilted to one side – that’s where my handy cut-up Snoogle comes in.)

Of course, late pregnancy also comes with things like completely-visible-from-the-outside baby acrobatics, which are better than anything on TV, if you ask me, and are good for hours (hours!) of nightly entertainment.

Attire-wise, “slowing down” means keeping everything as light as possible, both because I am boiling hot 100% of the time (I sleep with the air conditioner on full blast and hand off the covers to Kendrick) and because carrying anything, even if that something is a bag with more in it than a wallet and a phone, adds to the breathlessness.

The “nothing heavy” rule, of course, doesn’t apply to things like lipstick. Or jewelry. Load ’em on!

On me: Madewell tee, vintage jewelry (that necklace was two bucks at the flea market in Canada!), watch c/o Sasha Rhett, Urban Outfitters glasses, Mid City tote c/o Foley & Corinna, Cover Girl lipstick in Hot Passion.

Now, Sunday in Tarrytown was smokin’ hot and most definitely shorts-and-sandals weather, but here’s how I’d translate this outfit in a month or so:

Product info after the jump…1. Madewell tee ($48)

2. Marc Jacobs scarf ($289; or try this leopard snood for $30)

3. 7 For All Mankind bellbottoms ($120)

4. Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses ($285; or try these cat eyes for $27)

5. TopShop tassel belt ($68)

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