Absolution L’Eau Soir Et Matin

I was introduced to this new line today at a meeting, and adored it: eco-friendly packaging, organic ingredients, and super-cool, customizable products.

My favorite: L’Eau Soir Et Matin (pictured at left), which is a cleansing flower water/toner that removes all makeup and deposits nice things (like hazelnut oil, Neroli and geranium) onto your skin, and that doesn’t need to be washed off. This is the kind of product you’d keep by the bed with some tissues for an extra-lazy night, or stash in your desk drawer to wipe off your day makeup before freshening up to go out for the evening.

Absolution also offers a lovely basic moisturizer that you mix with various skin-specific “solutions” (anti-aging, revitalizing, etc) right there on the top of the bottle, sort of like an artist’s palette (click here and scroll down to see the illustration).

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