Last Thanksgiving’s Tarot Card Reading

Just came across a post about the reading that my aunt Trudy did for me last Thanksgiving, when I flew to Moncton for a few days:

What the cards said: “I’m sort of overwhelmed at the moment – see that tumultuous-waves card up top? – but am headed towards a period of happiness, especially in my home life, and a time during which I’ll see things come “full circle” …A lot will change about three months from now – in a good way – and the new year is going to bring more peace, security, and stability than I’ve felt in awhile (a lot of that will be tied to the strength of my relationship with Kendrick).”

About three months later, we found out we were expecting, and all of the rest of it has proven 100% true. Amazing. I’m headed back to Canada to visit with my family in just a couple of weeks – can’t wait to have my cards read again.

To learn how do do a basic three-card spread, check out this video.

And if you’d like Trudy to do a reading for you, she does them via email – more info is here.

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