You Know You’re A Grownup When…

You’re so genuinely excited about the opening of the brand-new Fairway on East 86th Street that you simply can’t wait to go check it out, and look forward to it all day. And then while waiting for your prosciutto, you say things to the lady next to you like, “This is such a enormous improvement on the quality of life in the neighborhood. And the prices!”

But seriously: it’s awesome. I spent the last two years shopping at the crappy Food Emporium on Second, and the two years before that shopping at the crappy Food Emporium on 43rd, and this is just…a totally different thing. The produce is gorgeous, the staff is wonderful, and it seems like they have anything you could possibly want (plus tons of fresh and organic products – the bakery practically made me glow with joy, and I definitely spotted two meringues the size of basketballs).

I am aflutter. And so, it seems, is everybody else – I have never seen such happy faces on supermarket shoppers in my life.

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