I can no longer lie flat on my back on hard surfaces.

I discovered this a couple of weeks ago, while lying flat on my back on a hard surface.

I was on my rooftop trying to tan my still-pasty legs (IT IS JULY, LEGS. GET WITH THE PROGRAM), laid down on a towel, and realized that I couldn’t get up. This is a troubling thing to realize when you are six flights above the ground under the hot sun, and there is no one within shouting distance to help you. I solved the immediate problem with a sort of yelping roll to the right and a few yoga-ish poses on the way up, but I needed a way to deal with this for my next trip to the park/beach/roof.

So, inspired by my Camping Essentials post, I picked up a couple of these (just over $11 on Amazon):

THAT is a summertime lunch break, right there.

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