I Dreamed About Couches Last Night

No, really.

We’ve gone through a heavy rotation of “new” (mostly not new) couches in the past few years…four, to be exact. The first was a transplant from L.A. that fell apart about a month after my arrival in NYC, the second was a hand-me-down from my parents that went with absolutely nothing we own, the third was a CraigsList find that was the single most uncomfortable piece of furniture I have ever sat on in my life (although I did like the color), and the fourth is the one we have at present, our chocolate-brown Pier 1 Abbie.

It’s not perfect.

I obviously have a bit of a couch fixation, but let me explain: since I work out of the house, I ramble back and forth between my desk (actually the dining room table) and the couch all day long, so it has to be sturdy enough for me to, you know, not fall asleep on. And ours is. But then at night I want to curl up with Kendrick, two dogs, and soon enough a baby to watch Toddlers & Tiaras (ayyy, does that show ever stress me out while clasping me firmly in its devil-grip), and I’d really like it if we didn’t all have to sit in a straight line next to each other. Which we do. It’s just not very wide or cozy.

Anyway, a few weeks ago we stopped into Restoration Hardware so I could gaze longingly at their massive (and massively comfortable-looking) couches. Kendrick said, “NO NEW COUCHES!” But one day…one day, I will sneak one by him! He’ll never notice.

It was obviously that trip that inspired last night’s dream. I dreamed that I picked out a gorgeous burlap-y linen sofa in an greyish oatmeal color with a low back and a super-wide seat, and it was all very fabulous. And I just went onto the Restoration Hardware site, and yep, there it is.

According to my REM-ing brain, the couch is $800. In reality…it is not.

As they say: a girl can dream.

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