Bachelorette Gifts From G-Rated To R-Rated

My bachelorette party was a three-day, extremely raucous affair involving bull-riding, beer-chugging contest-winning (left), and being “rescued” by off-duty firemen at clubs. By the time Sunday brunch rolled around, we were all such sleep-deprived, hungover zombies that we basically just sat there inhaling our eggs in silence (which is, by the way, why I recommend doing the bridal shower/brunch thing before the bachelorette festivities rather than the day after).

[Oop. Just noticed my oh-so-adorable souvenir straw in that photo. Ah, well.]

It was one of the best weekends of my entire life, but not everybody’s idea of a “Best Weekend” involves tequila shots and pole dancing (I know, hard to believe, but it’s true). Maybe the guest of honor is just on the shy side; maybe she’s inviting family members, coworkers, or underage friends; or maybe her religious beliefs prevent her from engaging in more “typical” ladies’ night out festivities. In such cases, handing over a pair of pasties may feel a little inappropriate – but you’d still probably like to get her something at least vaguely thematic.

Below, my suggestions for the bachelorette in your life who’s more Princess Diaries than Fatal Attraction (you probably have the PG-13 and R categories covered – anything lingerie-related works nicely – but I included some fun picks for those ladies, too).


Pretty notecards with her first or new last initial (if she’s changing her name), like these from Crane ($9.50)

JimmyJane Afterglow Massage Oil Candle ($28; I like the Cucumber Water scent – and yes, I have one – but for something a little sexier go for Bourbon)

A mini album (also called a “brag book,” although I’m not a fan of that name) that she can use to display her favorite wedding (or bachelorette party) photos, like this one from Papyrus, $28

A more-luxurious-than-she’d-buy-for-herself skincare or makeup set, like this one from Fresh ($38)

Honeymoon-themed items are always perfect bachelorette gifts. Is she going to Mexico? Try a pair of pretty flip-flops (like the crystal-adorned Havianas pictured above). Skiing in Switzerland? Go for a nice skincare travel set that’s heavy on the sunscreen products, like Clinique’s Safe Is The New Sexy ($36).

And if you’re still stumped, there’s always jewelry: I recommend Gorjana (their Taner Swing Earrings, $60, are pictured above) to everyone because it’s beautiful and reasonably priced, and because the line has so many options that you’re guaranteed to find something perfect.


This is the easiest category, and the one I generally try to stick to because it’s still fun, but not so whips-and-cutouts that the bride may never actually call it into action.

Really, I’d just go for Hanky Panky anything, but especially a Swarovski-crystal-adorned Bride-To-Be thong ($28) or a Rose Thong ($25). Forever21 also makes surprisingly cute underwear and silky nightthings, and the Betsey Johnson section at Victoria’s Secret is adorable, if a little pricier (around $50 for a negligee).


If you’re pretty in-the-know about the bride’s personal tastes, feel free to skew spicier.

I love this Leopard Signature Lace Tie Bralette ($48), but you don’t have to do lingerie. More ideas (the links are potentially NSFW, hence the lack of photos – click with caution): a Honeymoon Carry-On Bag, a flavored Kama Sutra gift tin, or this odd-but-amazing garter belt/thong thing.

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