Summer Reading List

So far, this is what I’ve made it through since the last time I asked you guys what you were reading (divided by enjoyment level):


All of the Hunger Games books.

One Day

High On Arrival (could not put down)

Handle With Care (poor choice to read while pregnant; fascinating anyway)


The Help (I liked it, but apparently not quite as much as Ellen Pompeo)

Baby Laughs (I want to be friends with Jenny McCarthy)

A bunch of Chelsea Handler books.

Summer Sisters


So far I’ve read 2/3 of the Stieg Larsson books. The first one was excellent, but he’s killing me with this second one…I’m wading through the last bit of it and am sort of bored out of my mind. Major issue: instead of something, you know, happening to reveal the big plot twists/secrets, the investigators just sort of ask their question again. But more seriously, this time! Should I even bother with the third?

Any more fun beach reads you’d like to recommend? We still have a month and a half of summer to go!

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