Tiffany & Co. / What Makes Love True

A few months back, I got a call asking if Kendrick and I would be interested in being a part of Ed Burns’ newest project: a short film all about true love stories in New York City.

Nahhhh. That doesn’t sound appealing at all.

But as it turns out, our story wasn’t quite NYC-based enough (starting, as it did, on the Interwebs, and with many important early moments taking place in that other Capital of Love, Las Vegas). Sigh.

Last night, though, I was invited to an event hosted by Tiffany & Co. in celebration of the film, “Will You Marry Me?” (click the video over Ed Burns’ picture) and their new site,…and it’s just lovely. The blogger next to me was in tears, and I would probably have been as well had I not been desperately trying not to sneeze through the entire thing (damn you, summer cold).

And the site is beautiful, as well – there are words of wisdom for couples, a carefully curated list of NYC hideaways for lovers (very cool suggestions that I am completely on board with, including Raines Law Room for cocktails, a walled garden in the West Village, and the Met’s Roof Garden – definitely check it out), and an app that allows you to chart all the spots where you’ve had romantic moments worth remembering.

And at the event…oh, yes: Ed Burns was there. The man is on my shortlist of Sexiest Human Beings Ever (along with Robert Downey, Ryan Gosling, and Steven Tyler), so I turned into a fifteen-year-old giggling mess the second he arrived and was too nervous to say hi. But he was there! Like, five feet away. So that was exciting. And when asked what the secret to true love was, he answered “A willingness to change, and to accept that the other person will change as well.” Well said, sir.

  • moll

    Oh so cute! I’m pretty new to your blog and haven’t commented yet but am really enjoying your posts. I can’t help pointing out, as a fellow Robert Downey Jr fan, that perhaps you mean “sexiest” instead of “sexist”? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      lol – yes, indeed. thank you!

  • I started giggling at the mere idea of being in the same room with Ed Burns. My goodness, that MAN! He’s just amazing. Definitely on my sexiest ever list. (Along with Robert Downey Jr and Jon Hamm and Dylan McDermott and Patrick Dempsey and could-be-twins Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

    • Anonymous

      Jeffrey Dean Morgan, YUM.
      But I have to say – and I know I’m pretty much the only person who feels this way…but I totally don’t get the Jon Hamm thing. I’m on Season 1 of Mad Men and not feeling the sexy. Is that weird??