Twilight Hour

I don’t go out much these days.

At the moment, I’m more into Grey’s Anatomy with oreos than Grey Goose with olives. But that said, there are times – like the bachelorette party of one of your best friends – when you are going to a bar, and that’s what’s happening: no excuses. And when you’re in sweatpants most evenings, it’s nice to take advantage of those no-excuses opportunities to do it up a bit.

And so that’s what I did.

I love royal blue and orange together, and this necklace is just too beautiful. I’ve told you about Ann Taylor jewelry before, right? When I first checked out the collection, I expected sedate faux pearls, not amazing vintage-y costume pieces. But there you go.

This Foley & Corinna crepe de chine tunic (on sale right now, FYI) is my kind of cocktail dress: gorgeous…and comfortable. That draping in the front also takes care of the Pregnant-Lady-In-A-Bar issue nicely (unless, of course, you hug your tummy like I’m doing in the above picture).

The circular bracelet is from ULINX, a new company that sells customizable charm bracelets that can be sized up or down to fit your wrist, ankle, or even finger (the little balls are super-strong magnets that hold the jewelry together). When you buy a kit, you get the magnetic ball bracelet plus a whole bunch of your favorite charms to mix and match, and a portion of the proceeds goes to art supplies and art education for underprivileged children – learn more here.

And finally, the boa was a gift for Thomasin…but I had plenty of fun with it on the way to the restaurant. Everyone should get to wear a boa once in awhile, IMO. It’s quite the mood-lifter.

On me: Dress c/o Foley & Corinna; Betsey Johnson Carrla heels; Betsey Johnson purse; necklace c/o Ann Taylor; Tuleste Market Rosette Anklet; bracelet c/o Ulinx.

Foley & Corinna is a sponsor of Ramshackle Glam.

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