In The Emerald City / Foley & Corinna Giveaway


The Shorts are officially back.

I think the last time you saw them was in my ridiculous Aldo dancing video, but here they are again! And best get used to them, because they are about to become glued to my legs. Maybe I’ll take them off for a sec to patch up that hole. Maybe.

From May through September, I wear one of my many pairs of denim shorts (but usually the True Religion ones you see up there; those are my faves) very nearly every day. And then from September through early November, I wear them with tights. It is, as they say, “my thing.”

This, in fact, is probably the most “me” outfit you’ve seen in any style post thus far; it’s just exactly how I like to look and feel: miserable down towards the foot area, comfortable everywhere else.

But a little misery is worth it when your heels are nude skyscrapers that make your legs look miles long…and have HOT PINK SOLES. Am I right? (They’re Betsey Johnson Carrlas.)

You may have noticed I’ve been all about the Forever 21 accessories lately. What happened was I got sick of wearing the same things day in, day out…so I went to my beloved F21, shelled out forty bucks, and went home with a bagful of earrings, necklaces, and that absolutely incredible scarf (which doubles as a handy tool when you’re still in that awkward almost-pregnant-looking-but-not-quite stage).

Here, I’m pairing them with the aforementioned True Religion cutoffs, a H&M blazer, a GapBody top, and Urban Outfitters sunglasses.

And oh my god, that bag. It is too beautiful. It’s Foley & Corinna’s most popular style – the Mid City, and can be carried either as a handbag, or folded over and worn over the shoulder, like I’m doing here. And it comes in billions of beautiful colors (my favorites are Emerald, shown here, Rose Nubuck, and Poppy).

And speaking of: I have some exciting news for you…

…which is…

…da da!…

Foley & Corinna would like to give YOU a Mid City (retail value $395), in any color that your heart desires. All you have to do is visit the Ramshackle Glam / Foley & Corinna Giveaway Page. Remember: while of course I’d love to hear your thoughts on the outfit (or anything), a comment on this post does not count as an entry; you have to visit the page to to win.

Good luck! I can’t wait to hear how the winner likes the bag.

Foley and Corinna is a sponsor of Ramshackle Glam.

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