Good Morning From Moncton

How gorgeous was yesterday? It was, what, 70 degrees in NYC?

Here’s me enjoying the last gasp of sunshine in a taxi on the way to the airport (Mom and I are presently in Canada for my grandmother’s 91st birthday).

And just to give you an idea of why I was a little bit sad to be abandoning such beautiful weather…

…this is a photo of my aunt and uncle’s house taken just a couple of weeks ago.

The flight we usually take gets in pretty late at night, but there are always homemade biscuits (the same family recipe I use) waiting for us when we arrive. You have to try making these; they’re so easy, and so delicious (you can substitute butter for shortening, but I don’t recommend it; it makes the biscuits a bit denser, and the fluffiness is what I like most about them).

Oh, and remember Sofia, my Aunt Trudy’s tiny, sweet, adorable baby sheepdog?


She grew up.

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