Headboard Wall Decals

These wall decals ($40-$55) are an inexpensive fix for those of us who love headboards (me), but hate their price (also me). I already have a decal above our bed, or else I’d be picking up the Nessa (pictured at left) in mint green or mustard right this very minute.

Thanks to Laura for the link!

  • Anonymous

    Wow I am LOVING this! Much easier to deal with if you have to move too 😉

    • Anonymous

      oh yes. although…i’m not sure you can take decals with you. i’ve been staring at ours and wondering if we can take it with us when we move – i’d really like to – but that doesn’t seem likely. maybe the simpler ones are portable?

      • Anonymous

        I was thinking more that you don’t have a whole big headboard to lug around when you move from place to place. Unfortunately I don’t think the stickers would be re-usable either 🙁 I would probably buy a couple, in case I wanted to move my room around or if I moved apartments completely. I’ve had a nomadic lifestyle for the past 7 years so I really hope I can just get somewhere and stay put for a while!

  • I think we might get one of these! I just showed Eugene and he liked it. Our new mattress/frame arrives tomorrow and I’m already antsy for a new headboard. It’s also good since our apartment has these high molded baseboards that make it impossible to get headboards right up against the wall (annoying since I end up losing about 4-5 very valuable NYC apartment inches in my room).

    • Anonymous

      let me know how you like it if you do!
      p.s. thinking of making your lemon cake with chocolate frosting for my mom’s bday tomorrow 🙂

  • Bovergard

    I looked through the whole website and then onto etsy. I just moved into a new one bedroom apartment so all the decorating decisions are up to me and I love it. I’m almost all in but one thing I desperately need is artwork/stuff on the walls. I don’t know how I’m going to decide with so many favorites though.

    • Anonymous

      how exciting!
      try this site – there are lots of decal options that seem a bit more affordable than those i’ve seen elsewhere:, and you can sort by room and category.

  • Sara

    This is such a fantastic idea! I’m definitely putting it on my list of things to D.I.Y. and looking for some low-tack colored painters tape next time I’m at Hobby Lobby.