Why All The Sweetness & Light?

As reader Piakae pointed out in the comments – and as you may have noticed – I’ve been doing a lot more puttering around in the Land Of Sugar lately. I know, I know…I’ve said a few times that I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but there are reasons for my madness.

1. I’m a little more into sweet things lately. I contain multitudes, etc.

2. Baked goods – and the process of making them – are just so gorgeous to photograph, and I’m still in the midst of a love affair with my new camera.

3. Baking is an arena in which I’ve been historically shabby, and I’m trying to get better (and, I think, sort of succeeding). As my baking has improved, I’ve started experimenting a lot more and have been having tons more fun with it.

4. The biggest reason? It’s cold out, and I usually have all the staples I need to whip up this stuff in my cupboards (butter, flour, sugar) already; I just need to head to the corner store to pick up one or two little things. So: cheap and easy.

That said, wait until you check out the DIY Samoas I made yesterday. TO. DIE. FOR. Post coming up!

Some recent concoctions:

Raspberry Oat Loaf Cake; Chocolate Cherry Valentine’s Cookies; Crunchy Nutella & Peanut Butter Cinnamon Rolls

(That top image is of the Lamb Cups I made in Des Moines a few months ago. I mostly just wanted another excuse to post it.)

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