Mercedes-Benz Fashion Force / Fashion Week Street Style

I spent Sunday driving all over town with Mercedes-Benz for AOL Stylelist, searching for the very best of Fashion Week Street Style. It was one of the most fun assignments I’ve ever had. I mean that.

(I took notes on what everyone I stopped was wearing, but handed them over at the end of the day, so I’m going a bit on memory here. I’ll link to the specific info once it’s up on the Mercedes-Benz site! And if you’re interested in the details of what I’m wearing, just click here.)

Alexander, from Munich, told me that the accessory he was lusting after the most was his own pair of sunglasses. I had to agree with him. (Outside DKNY.)

I just loved Amber’s cozy Sunday brunch look, and especially loved that every piece was from Urban (that scarf!), Forever 21 (those sunglasses!), or H&M (that jacket!). Now there’s a girl after my own heart.

I chased down Sophie outside The Standard (she was also headed to brunch) because I so adored her crazy coat (and her topknot).

Oh, hello! Just driving around in a Fashion Force car, lights ablaze.

I was running down the street towards a Starbucks and sort of looking at the ground when I spotted Jennifer. Or, rather, her shoes. They are STEVE MADDEN. Can you believe it?!

I found Jessica from What I Wore outside DKNY and had to grab some photos of that gorgeous black-and-red outfit.

Here I am interviewing Kendrick outside of Pastis.

Or…wait…I mean some dude named Jordan. (This was obviously one of my favorite interviews of the day.)

Oh, fine…here’s another.

Also outside DKNY, I spotted Linda Wells (EIC of Allure) and asked her a few questions about the shows. She had on the most gorgeous Helmut Lang studded cuff, which she called her “must-have accessory of the moment”.

This is me freaking out a bit. I think I may actually be saying “I am SUCH a fan” at this exact moment – Allure is definitely my favorite beauty mag, and one of my favorite parts of the magazine is always Linda’s Letter from the Editor.

Are you noticing a trend with the enormous knit scarves? (Outside DKNY.)

Finding street fashion is serious business. See how serious I look? I’m even wearing sunglasses inside a car…it’s that serious.

Outside Barney’s with Jocelyn from Alison Brod PR, who was displaying some pretty fierce street style herself.

I stumbled upon Sophie (pictured above, who happens to be Jill Stuart’s daughter) and Stephanie (below) in the Meatpacking District. They may just be the best-dressed 19-year-olds I have ever seen.


See what I mean?

I stopped Victoria outside the Plaza because of her Louboutins and Loewe sunglasses. She was the cutest.

Aaand here’s another Victoria, outside Barney’s (see my pants leg in the lower left corner? That’s me rushing after her, trying to get in another question). Talk about your lucky spots! I managed to get a few answers out of Mrs. Beckham (she expressed her excitement about her new handbag collection) before she was whisked away, and (thank god) managed to restrain myself from stroking her coat. Barely.

On me: Topshop blazer, Madewell tee, Vintage Revolution cargos, Nella Allen necklace, Bakers boots. More details here.

Hair courtesy of Franny for John Sahag Workshop.

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