Braid Detail

These long, loose braids are my exact idea of undone-sexy…and they’re so easy to do.

Here’s a better view (from a year-and-a-half old photo…I am obviously a creature of habit):

Just divide your hair down the center of the back of your head and pull into two very loose braids below your ears, allowing some pieces to fall out – really, the messier the better. Braid them just two or three times, and then stretch the band along the hair to create a sort of twine-y, Pocahontas effect.

If you have layered hair, the front pieces may fall out. If this is a bit too undone for you, try French-braiding them back and off to one side, and then securing with a bobby pin, as pictured at left.

P.S. I’ve raved about NARS Hot Wired gloss a few times – that’s it in the top photo. A really strong hot pink, to be sure – but I LOVE it for a pop of color with an otherwise natural face. And preferably a tan.


Summer? You coming?

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