Weekend Snapshots

We didn’t do as much running around this weekend as usual. Saturday involved recording for Kendrick, and shopping for wardrobe for some upcoming segments for me.

When we weren’t recording or shopping, we were eating Pear & Cream Cheese Turnovers.

And watching Piranha (sadly not 3D), because it’s so good it needs to be seen twice.

Mostly we just lounged around.

Ate in diners.

Walked by the river.

Stuff like that.

There was one little outing that deserves special mention, though: we went to Blue Ribbon to celebrate Dad’s birthday. If you haven’t been…


Bone marrow. That is all.

To eat this stuff, you use the little wooden forks they give you to scoop around the sides of the marrow so that it falls out onto the plate in one piece when you pick up the bone. Then you spread it onto toasted challah bread and top it with some oxtail marmalade, crispy parsley, and a sprinkling of coarse salt. It is too delicious for words (image via).

(If you don’t live in the city, click here to find out how to make the dish yourself.)

I love this picture with Mom.

Hope you had a beautiful – and beautifully relaxing – weekend, too.



  • I don’t think they have it at the main Blue Ribbon, but the Escargot Tradicional at the Brooklyn location is the absolute best in all the world. So garlicky, so perfect. I used to live a block from there; I’d go and just get appetizers – the escargot, steak tartare, pate, olives, and – of course – wine. I’m drooling just thinking of it. The duck club sandwich is also heavenly.

    • Anonymous

      i’ll have to check out the one in brooklyn – although i’m on the fence about escargot. granted, the only time i tried it was at a bar in rural canada…i’ll have to give it another shot 🙂

  • Sophie

    Blue Ribbon is one of those places I could eat at everyday and not get tired of it, and I can only say that about a handful of places. Best. oysters. ever.

    • Anonymous

      oh my god, their oysters are AMAZING.

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