DIY Mason Jar Pendant Lights

I spotted these beautiful things in the (oddly decorated, but hey) window at ABC Carpet & Home. I am not allowed to go into ABC Carpet & Home (my wallet says so), so I couldn’t examine them more closely…but through the glass, they looked quite gorgeous. I have this fantasy of one day creating a light fixture of various pendant lights hung at different heights. It would look like this:

That one’s from Pottery Barn. Here’s another view:


But rather than spend the hundreds of dollars required for a pre-made fixture…you know what I think I’m going to do? Take a shot at DIY-ing a jar pendant light or (if I’m feeling extra-capable) the more elaborate one pictured above. I’m not kidding; bear with me here.

I did some research online, and it is totally possible to create light fixtures out of Mason jars – you just pick up a hanging lamp kit and a ceiling light plate (and of course some jars) and punch holes in the lids big enough to fit the lamp cords through. Then you drill holes in the ceiling plate and feed through the cords, adjusting them to the desired length. You (or at least I) will probably need an electrician’s help to get the thing installed in the ceiling, but that’s really it. And you can create a single hanging pendant without a ceiling plate – just buy a cord kit and affix it to the ceiling fixture you already have.

This project, however, will probably have to wait until I have a dining room capable of holding aforementioned gorgeously rustic farmhouse table and (knockoff) Ghost chairs; the effect just isn’t the same atop my Formica.

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  • Amber

    There are some very, very cool lights in this style available on Etsy- pair them with Edison bulbs and the outcome is truly beautiful.

    • Anonymous

      i’ll take a look – thank you!

  • Such a great idea with the jars! My boyfriend broke the glass shade of one of our lights awhile ago and we have been trying to think of something to do with the remnants of the light ever since. The mason jar idea is perfect! Thanks!

  • Logan Katie

    Hey Jordan– did you know there is an awesome restaurant on the lower level of ABC Carpet? Went there a few months ago for Sunday brunch and it’s unbelievable. Amazing pancakes and sour cherry bellinis!

    • Anonymous

      you know, my friend verena just told me about it the other day! she said she loves it for lunch. i’ll have to go…esp now that you mentioned sour cherry bellinis!!

  • Hey, I just stumbled upon ur blog and loved it. Love your header. Honestly, these glass jar lights are pretty achievable. I mean, if i can, anyone can. 😀

    Well, after months of procrastination and research I finally achieved this..My (or may I say, THE, considering the amount of time I’ve drooled over them in various blogs around the blogland) glass jar lights! This was a small try up project and it went surprisingly well. The chandelier project is due. Hopefully in April. Collecting jars! u can check them out here:


    Will come back!


  • I just found the PB pendant and am in love! I will have to give this a go!

  • The Megancornelius

    Thanks for this post I have been in love with this idea since I saw Irvin the Pottery Barn magazine!

    I have one question- any suggestions on where to buy the hanging lamp kits? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      etsy has lots!

    • Monica

       Home Depot and Lowes

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  • Katie Cheves

    Cost wise , What might be numbers ? 🙂 Thanks

    • keeper9921

      I was just looking at pendant lights online at Lowe’s and they have what looks like the perfect pendant lights for $19.98 each. I think I’m going to give this a try!

  • bree

    I love this light fixture. You helped inspire me in this post: http://honeybadgerhome.com/2013/06/23/bright-ideas/

    to create this light fixture: http://honeybadgerhome.com/2013/07/06/cb2-firefly-pendant-light-hack/

    Thank you!