Nothing In The House To Eat? No Problem!

I’m sure you can scrounge up a potato, an onion, and an egg. Am I right?

Presto: Breakfast For Dinner!

During the first year after we got married, Kendrick spent months at a time on tour, which meant that I spent lots of evenings eating dinner alone. And of course I missed him a ton, but the truth is that there’s something really cozy and satisfying about making exactly what you want to eat for dinner, and then eating it – all of it – straight from the pot while bundled up in a robe watching bad TV (or in bed, off of your favorite china – whatever works).

The time when he was traveling a lot also coincided with me purchasing a Nigella Lawson cookbook in which she talked about her favorite solo meal to eat for dinner: breakfast. I thought, “huh. That sounds nice!” And so this quickly became my go-to comfort food for chilly nights when it was just me and my girl (that would be Lucy).

All you do: chop an unpeeled potato into cubes, and then dice up half of a yellow onion. Heat a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan, and add the potato, onion, and whatever seasonings you like (I go for a ton of salt, some garlic powder, and just a hint of pepper, but you can also add spicy things if you want).

Stir for 25-30 minutes (you want to keep it all moving constantly so that everything colors nicely but doesn’t get too dark), and then push everything off to one side and fry an egg in the space. I like to keep the egg over-easy so that it’s nice and runny when you plate it over the potatoes and onions – the uglier this looks, the better it’ll taste, promise. You can also sprinkle over some parmesan (or whatever cheese you prefer) for a little extra-delicious debauchery.

Bonus: this is pretty much the cheapest dinner around (about $1.50 total)…and I’m willing to bet that you already have what you need in the refrigerator, so it’ll likely cost you nothing at all.

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