A Feathered World

I bought this hat in Saks during Fashion’s Night Out. I was with my mom, and when I picked it up and started twirling around she first said (like the very wonderful, supportive mama she is), “I love it!” And next she said (like the very wonderful, supportive mama she is), “You will never wear it.” I had to spend twenty minutes convincing her that I’d actually venture out of the house in a befeathered fedora before she’d let me hand over my credit card.

Aaaaand…(gasp!) she was right. Sort of. I don’t wear the thing all that much. But when I do wear it? Man, do I feel fabulous. In fact, I’d like to submit a formal request that we all start wearing hats far more often, just so we can skip the whole “Oh my God I’m wearing a hat this is so WEIRD!” thing that seems to go hand-in-hand with…hat-wearing.


On me:

Talbots scarf; MICHAEL Michael Kors sweater ($15 on Peppermint Park; use code RSG for two months’ free membership); Grace Hats fedora; Paige Denim Robertson wide-leg jeans ($33 on Peppermint Park); Henri Bendel bangles, vintage owl necklaces; vintage sunglasses (50 cents, purchased on this trip); hand-me-down Vivienne Westwood purse.

Feathered hats can be a touch pricey, but fortunately they’re very easy to DIY: to get this look, just start with a fairly basic fedora and glue a dramatic feather or two to the base, just above the brim.

These shoes are just too much. You know how I have a thing for ridiculous, impossible-to-walk-in heels? Well, a couple of months ago I found a website that sells actual stripper shoes, and fell in head-over-heels (hee!) with Bordellos (which of course should be worn with absolutely no other article of clothing that resembles one worn by a “professional”).





I love.

I’m also completely in love with this new lipstick find: Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Almond Pink. I got it in a gift bag at an event many months ago, but have been hesitant to give it a spin because it’s so pale it borders on greyish (it’s way more taupe-y than it looks in the link)…and I figured it would make me look washed out. But nope: it’s a gorgeous neutral for a ’70s-style look, and moves into the sexy realm when topped with a little NARS Turkish Delight gloss.

These owl necklaces (and the Bendel bangles) were Christmas gifts from Kendrick. You can find necklaces like this at just about any flea market or craft fair; I recommend layering them for maximum owlage.

Here I am, shooting pictures of myself on my rooftop and giggling a bit.

Wanna get the look?

Clockwise from top left: Autumn Cashmere Hooded Cowl Sweater ($198 on sale; or try this alternative from Forever 21); Max & Chloe Stack Bangles ($235; or try a stack of these from Forever 21); House of Harlow Coral Earrings ($57); Vintage Leonard Paris sunglasses ($35); Bordello Polka Peep Toes ($85.55); Dorothy Perkins Cream Gold Owl; ModCloth Wise Gold Owl Necklace ($14.99); Pria Plaid Scarf ($55); Paige Robertson Wide-Leg Jeans ($119 on sale); Free People Johnny Sueded Fedora ($68; or try this BDG Feather Fedora, $4.99 on sale);

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