Eggs Benedict, Totally Improvisationally

We got home from the Hudson Valley late on Saturday night, and weren’t really in the mood to go out. Unfortunately, the sum total of what we had in the refrigerator was leftover pulled pork, some hamburger buns, various odd condiments, and the eggs we purchased at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Oh, and an avocado.

So I made this very loose interpretation of Eggs Benedict, and you know what? It may have been because it was late at night and we were starving, or because we had had such a wonderful day upstate and were in a great mood, or because or we knew that those eggs had existed for only a few hours (they were hatched at Blue Hill just that morning)…but it was awesome. Just lightly toasted, buttered buns topped with a few slices of avocado, a generous portion of pulled pork, and a poached egg or two.

I want it often.

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