The Plague Is Going ‘Round

Or so it seems, anyway. I’m sick; half the people I know are sick, including Kendrick, who apparently made off with the remainder of the DayQuil this morning. (UPDATE: Kendrick is a note-perfect husband and would never, ever do such a hideous thing to his deathly ill wife. Also, there was none left in the box when he checked. Love, Kendrick.)

It sucks.

I don’t think I’ve had a cold since the one I picked up in London last November, but I remember getting all sorts of great get-better advice from you guys back then and decided to revisit it this morning.

Here goes!

– Hallie recommends adding lots of garlic to chicken soup: check out my post on the benefits of garlic here and my mom’s chicken stew recipe here.

– Elizabeth recommends eating spicy foods to boost immunity and to drain the sinuses. She’s also a garlic advocate…check out her delicious, garlic-heavy orecchiette here.

– Jenny recommends elderberry syrup for its infection-inhibiting properties.

– Gabrielle recommends Gypsy Cold Care tea.

– Emma recommends nasal lavage (yeah, gross, but I hear it works wonders) and Mucinex.

– Erin recommends this Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, added to decaf green tea.

Finally, click here to learn how to make all-natural NyQuil, and here for my go-to fever remedy, starring hot toddies (plus a recipe!).

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