Rustic Tabletop Inspiration

There are two things that I especially love about this tabletop: the air plants in glass votives, and the twine-wrapped vase. But the thing that I love most of all? This look couldn’t be easier – or more inexpensive – to DIY.

First, the air plants. You can buy them online, and they require minimal care (just mist them about once a month). For a similar look to this one, just set them on the table in votives, antique cream-and-sugars…whatever you have handy, really. I also like the idea of tucking branches and coral around them to add more texture.

For the twine-wrapped vase, all you need is twine and some glue. You can just wrap the center section if your vase is a pretty one (or if you’re short on time), but I like the idea of covering them top-to-bottom – so rustic and pretty. To do this, just start at the base and use glue to affix the twine, working your way slowly up until the whole thing is covered.

For a variation on the look try wrapping just the mouth of a Mason Jar (or any clear glass jar you have handy), and then filling it 1/3 of the way up with cranberries, nuts or coarse sea salt (snow! sorta…). Place a white votive inside, and voila! Adorable centerpiece, perfect for a New Year’s Eve dinner.

(At other times of the year, try switching up the filler in the jar for season-appropriate things like sand, small seashells, or rocks.)

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