Holiday Tipping Guide

This week is a great time to get around to organizing your holiday tips, if you haven’t already (but FYI, any time before New Year’s is technically fine).


Doorman: $10-$100

Superintendent: $50-$200 (less if you tip throughout the year)

Teacher: Gift certificates or personal gifts worth up to $50

Housekeeper: 1 week’s pay

Waxer/hairdresser/colorist/etc: 1 session’s pay

Personal trainer: 1 session’s pay

FedEx deliveryperson: Up to $75 in non-cash gifts allowed

Regular babysitter: 1-2 nights pay, plus small gift from child

Full-time nanny: 1 week’s pay, plus small gift from child

Dog groomer: 1/2 the cost of a session

Gardener:  $20-$50

Mail carrier: Non-cash gifts of up to $20 (civil servants can’t receive cash)

Remember, though, this is really just to give you a rough idea. Who and how much you tip should take into account your relationship with the individual, how often you use their services, and, of course, your personal finances (if cookies are easier for you to manage than $20s, it’s still a lovely gesture to give whatever you can).

Above all, remember that what you’re doing is thanking someone for their hard work – so don’t blow your budget, but do try to include a handwritten note (even a short one) expressing your gratitude.

(Click here to learn how to make all sorts of neat DIY money holder cards.)

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