Peppermint Bark Saturday

Headed over to Morgan’s for a holiday brunch with Mom’s Banana Bread and some Peppermint Bark Swirl (just melt milk chocolate and white chocolate, swirl together in a jelly roll pan lined with foil, sprinkle over crushed peppermint, let harden in fridge, remove foil, and break into pieces)!

If you’d prefer for your bark to have a layered look, first melt the milk (or dark) chocolate and spread it in the jelly roll pan. Let it harden in the refrigerator before pouring over the white chocolate layer and adding the crushed candy canes. I made some layered bark too, but I think the swirl is even prettier :).

Tip #1: if you’re melting your chocolate in the microwave (that’s what I do), make sure to give it a stir every 30 seconds until completely smooth, to prevent burning.

Tip #2: Use high-quality chocolate (I used Ghirardelli) for best results.

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