Sunday Snapshots

We started the day hanging out in the kitchen sunbeams with the kids and some coffee.

Here’s Lucy enjoying a little Sunday morning yoga.

Virgil needs a bang trim.

Midday, we met up with our friends Mike and Elli at my new favorite local brunch spot, Doc Watsons. $11.95 gets you an entree plus two (!) beverages of your choice. The food’s nothing special – just standard brunch fare – but the price is pretty unbeatable. And the place is super cozy, and will only get more and more appealing as the winter sets in.

We spent the evening over at Mom’s singing around the piano (really) and reading tarot cards. Go here for a video explaining how to do a basic tarot spread!

  • Doc Watsons= also awesome when you want to watch a game/at happy hour/etc… fun pub food & generally cheap drinks! (and so cozy, especially in the back!)

    • jordanreid

      agree! the back is my favorite place to sit too.

  • Zarah

    Hi, what happened to Lucy's eye? I know it's been gone for awhile, but I don't remember if you ever explained why. 🙁

    • jordanreid

      hey zarah! she was born with one bad eye (it was very light blue and didn't seem to focus), and then when she was about a year old she got in an accident and had to have it removed. not a fun experience for anyone involved and certainly not one of the better times in either of our lives…but she's a happy dog and gets around just fine 🙂

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