Ooh – Rainy Day Boots…On Sale!

Thanks to my girl Becca of Mommy Ever After, I have learned that the Dav Fashion Solid Boots pictured at left are on Gilt Groupe right now for $49.

Should I get them?

Will they be warm?

Will they fit my chicken legs?

So many questions!

And to add to my conundrum, Georgina has alerted me to the existence of these amazing Hunter boots with laces up the back. And so I am at a crossroads of rainbootness. I am leaning towards the look of the latter, but am all about the price of the former.


  • Love the shout-out! Many thanks. And as cool and reasonable as the Dav boots are, the Hunter lace-ups are pretty freakin awesome. Let me know! xox

  • yes yes! dav is the rainboot that fits my chicken legs, and if that boot is like the rest of their styles, the fleece lining is really warm. perfect for wearing it in the winter/snow!

    • jordanreid

      i like the style you bought better (i don't think these have the chicken-leg-friendly partial stretch)…but this is way cheaper. you think yes?