See Jordan Shop / Value Village

Now THIS is the kind of shopping that makes me ecstatic.

Yesterday afternoon, Trudy, Mom and I headed over to Value Village for some thrifting. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that what took place was nothing less than a shopping feat of epic proportions. Three coats, an entire set of dishes, and an entire set of cups with saucers were purchased…all for the just over $40. The whole “getting it all home” thing might prove to be a problem, but I have two more days to figure that out.

Want to see?


Above, one of my new dishes (try this online shop for a similar look) and one of my new cups (take a look at these if you like the style). My mom and Trudy thought they were mind-blowingly hideous, but I love love love retro-looking tableware (I’d guess the plates are ’60s and the cups are ’70s), so there you go. Also, each piece was between 49 and 69 cents, so I also love the fact that I won’t cry if one breaks (which it will).

And here are my two favorite clothing-related finds ($9 and $14, respectively). The tweed jacket on the left reminds me of this Zara jacket, which I very nearly purchased after seeing a similar one in this Fashiontoast post. The trench coat is a bit too big, but wrapped and tied it looks like Burberry (at least I think so), and it’s in absolutely pristine condition.

The last wonderful thing that I bought yesterday: a “Teen” burger at the A&W where my mom used to carhop in the ’60s. Best fast food ever.

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