COR Silver Soap / Maybe Use Sparingly

OK, so this definitely falls into the Luxury Purchase category, but sometimes we all need a little luxury, no? The gift bag for the Ted Gibson Cocktails & Couture party that I attended the other night contained a sample of Cor Silver Soap, which contains something called “nano-silver”…and retails for a jaw-dropping $125 a bar. Lord.

A price tag like that would generally make me hesitant to crack open the packaging, but I was dying to know what soap this expensive would be like, so crack it open I did. I’ve been using Cor every day since…and it’s great. The theory behind the soap is that it’s one-step skincare: it cleans and moisturizes your skin, reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines, and enhances cellular repair (that would be the job of the nano-silver).

Camera-ready makeup requires something more heavy-duty than my go-to Cetaphil, and Cor has been doing an incredible job of removing every trace of oil, makeup, and dirt from my face post-StriVectin shoots (it bubbles up quite beautifully, even when you use just a tiny bit, and I love me some bubbles). Also, it contains sericin silk, which I’ve never heard of but apparently provides you with SPF 15 protection; very cool, considering that I forget to apply sunscreen 99% of the time (I know, bad).

Seriously, I’ve noticed a real difference in how clean my face gets when I use this soap: it actually squeaks after washing, but doesn’t feel parched in the slightest, and not a single speck of my makeup ends up on the towel I use to dry off. My skin also feels calmer and more even, and looks pretty great in light of the fact that I’ve had a few layers of foundation packed onto my face for the better part of the week. In short: I love, and have done everything but erect a barbed-wire fence around my soap dish to prevent Kendrick from using it on his hands.

So: is this an everyday purchase? Not in my world. But it’s definitely cool stuff, and hey, sometimes it’s fun to splurge on the unexpected. (Also, there’s a $15 travel size bar if you’d like to take it for a test run minus the commitment.)

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