John Sahag Blonding / Camera In Front of My Face

I generally don’t enjoy going up to random people and asking them to take my picture. Sure, I’ll ask Kendrick, or a close friend, but otherwise I generally find this an odd, embarrassing (if sometimes necessary) thing to do. But I did want to share a couple of the cool tips I learned at the John Sahag Workshop yesterday with you…so: this photo series also stars my trusty Canon.

First, remember Doug? He’s the guy who does very genius things to my hair (including Keratin), but perhaps most genius of all was the thing he did yesterday. In the top photo, see how he’s teasing the hair that didn’t get folded up into foil for highlights? After he did this, he put some lightener on his hands and just scrunched it into the tips of my hair, creating a gorgeous, completely natural, beachy effect. I’ve never seen anyone else do this, and I love it love it.

See how great the color turned out? After highlighting, I headed over to see my buddy Karmela for a little bang trim and gossip.

And finally, Franny (the JS staffer who first convinced me to try Keratin, because I so loved the results on her hair) taught me how to use Velcro rollers for maximum effect: roll the hair in the direction that it grows, but pulling in the opposite direction (as pictured above  – see how she’s pulling the hair that falls down the left side of my head up and to the right before rolling?) – basically, you just want the hair at the root to go against the part to create lots of volume.

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