The Best Thing About Living 2 Blocks From Luke’s Lobster?

I get to eat the more-or-less-uncontested “City’s Best Lobster Roll” on my couch. While watching Entourage.

Bazillions of other sites have shouted from the rooftops about this place, so let me just give you a wrap-up: apparently it is the best freaking lobster roll in the world (outside of Maine, of course). Although it is certainly delicious, I don’t agree that it’s the absolute best, because I like my lobster rolls quite mayo-y (for example, I like Pearl Oyster Bar’s much better)…but I seem to be in the minority here: every single blogger on the entire planet seems to think the things are the Second Coming.

This Village Voice article does an excellent side-by-side review of Luke’s and Pearl’s. In a nutshell: if you like your lobster rolls practically naked (just a smidgen of mayo, celery salt, & pepper) and reasonably priced, go to Luke’s (the plain roll – no sides – is $14, but I advise going for the “Seafood Schooner” – for $2 extra you get chips and a soda). If, like me, you’re a fan of mayo, table service, and the option of a beer with your roll, Pearl’s (much more expensive, at around $29) is the place to go.

(I’m not into jalapeno chips or Sarsaparilla – basically spicy cream soda with a hint of wintergreen – but my husband loves them, so there you go. Pickle? Mine!)

P.S. Apologies for the photos – I am clearly incapable of taking an attractive shot of a lobster roll to save my life. HERE is a better shot of one of Luke’s creations.

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