Puppy Playgroup / Joy All Around

Morgan recently got some good news, so yesterday evening we decided to celebrate in the best possible way:


Followed by “Yappy Hour” at MaxTamara’s 75th & Paws (every Tuesday from 7-8PM). In the above picture, Virgil is the one on the left being extremely ungentlemanly, Cooper is in the center getting a treat from one of the wonderful owners (who are willing to answer any and all questions about training, grooming, etc), and Lucy is the one gazing on longingly. Oh, and the little foxy-looking guy with his tongue sticking out? His name is Bob.

If you own a dog, this is an absolute must-do (just check with your local puppy playgroup in advance to see if there are any size restrictions, and make sure your dog is up-to-date on his or her shots). Not only is it the cutest thing you have ever seen, it’s fantastic for socialization. Even Lucy, who tends to be shy in large groups, got completely into it and was running around in ecstatic circles within five minutes of arrival.

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