(Happy) First Anniversary!

One year ago today, I wrote my very first post.

I had just quit my job in order to embark on a pretty insane – and, I’m sure some thought, extremely ill-advised – adventure, and had absolutely no idea where I was headed, although I hoped it would be better than where I’d been. Over the next few months, I left a venture that didn’t feel right to me to strike out on my own, learned some important lessons, (sort of) learned how to shoot and edit my own videos, said good-bye to a tiara (and realized that it’s just a piece of plastic), made countless mistakes, hung out on MSNBC and VH1, freelanced up the wazoo, made the Times (as “Jordaon”), spoke in public and did not faint, clarified some stuff (and some more stuff), stirred up a bit of a hornet’s nest, found joy in odd places, welcomed a surprise addition to the family, made some delicious things (and some not-so-delicious things), used a mixing spoon as a microphone, had some dramatic traveling experiences (and some equally dramatic dishwashing experiences), discovered that I really, really prefer eating to not, spent lots and lots (and lots) of time in airports, learned that doing what you love doesn’t have to just be a hobby, stopped feeling like I was “behind the curve” and started understanding that you can create exciting shapes that are all your own, lost my way and found it again, and learned that the first step to doing anything is to do it. I’ve traveled all over the place, but I’ve found that now, more than ever, what I love the most is coming back home.

I definitely haven’t figured it all out, but man, am I ever happier than I was 12 months ago. And that’s mostly because of you. So thank you.

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