Mason Jars / Billions of Uses

Because he knows me quite well, Matt brought me just about the perfect gift when he visited from Ohio: a case of Ball Mason jars. I adore these things, both because they can be used in about a billion different ways, and because they’re just so simple, old-fashioned, and gorgeous. I plan to use a few as drinking glasses (I have a little habit of breaking mine, and could use some extras), a few for fruit infusions, and a couple as vases.

More ways to use Mason jars:

– Storing jams and jellies (check for cracks and chips first; only perfect-condition jars can be used for food storage)

– Loose change jar

– Storing sewing supplies/cotton balls/odds-and-ends

– Storing homemade vanilla extract

– Creating recipe-in-a-jars

– Candle vases

– Storing dry goods (sugar, flour, pasta, etc)

– Catching fruit flies (just fill them with a mix of sugar and water, and punch holes in the top that are just big enough for the flies to get through)

– Elegant beverage service at a party, as pictured above (image via FarFlungFiancee)

The best places to find Mason jars are at your local thrift stores and flea markets (you can find some really gorgeous colors and patterns), but they can also be purchased online, or at pretty much any hardware store.

  • Anonymous

    Hi J, I’m a fan of your site (esp long personal posts) but posts like this confuse me. Do you just like lists? But why make them public? Do you really think your readers don’t know that mason jars can be used for loose change or storing odds and ends?
    I really don’t mean to sound rude, but I’m wondering what other websites you look at. You know this is not usual content fare, right? I’m pretty sure you’re smarter than you sometimes present yourself. And I think maybe you just don’t look around on the internet enough to see what’s out there and what people actually provide as content.

    • Hi Dinak, Cool name. To some people, stuff like this post isn't obvious. I have no natural “nesting” ability and I find it helpful.

    • jordanreid

      i'll work on my overwhelming desire to bash the public over the head with my profound love of lists and my determination to convey my inanity if you work on your inability to not sound rude when you “don't mean to.” in the meantime, let's talk interesting mason jar uses.

  • I'm also fully obsessed with mason jars! I have a ginormous collection of the blue Ball jars; they were centerpieces at our wedding and now decorate my house. Shabby chic FTW.

    • jordanreid

      these? http://www.2cleverblog.com/2cleverblog/2009/05/
      i saw them earlier and was thinking how gorgeous they'd be for a garden wedding.

      • Yes exactly! I bought them all on Craigslist bc they don't make them anymore. Didn't have a garden wedding, just had teal as one of my colors 🙂

  • loveball

    I've seen people put photos in mason jars. Pop a favorite photo in a clear jar and put on shelf! Easy to change out and unique way to frame a memory.

    • jordanreid

      what a great idea!

  • A.

    Oh boy I love those jars, if only we could get them in Europe! After reading that post http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/inspiration/… I became a bit obsessed with small jars for summer cooking, but those are great ideas, thanks!

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