New Favorite Thing / Zenni Optical Glasses

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Zenni Optical. All opinions are 100% mine.

OK, I love this. Love this love this love this. Because I love wearing glasses (I think they’re hot, and I do enjoy the whole, you know, seeing thing), but I hate that they’re so expensive that they become a terrifying commitment. Remember when I bought my new glasses a couple months ago (the enormous blue ones)? The fact that they were too expensive to allow me to purchase more than one pair created a bit of a problem: as much as I adore them, I’m not sure I want to wear them every single day…because they are enormous. And blue. That’s the problem with buying eyeglasses: they’re something that you wear constantly, but what do you do on days when you feel like looking sporty? Or sexy? Or minimalist? How do you pick one pair that suits all of your millions of looks? Answer: you don’t.

To the rescue: my new obsession, Zenni Optical. All you need is your prescription (I just rang up my optometrist and he gave it to me over the phone), and you can order prescription glasses online for as little as $8 (really). I ordered two pairs – the pair pictured above (because, as you may have noticed, I love my tortoiseshells), and a pair of rimless ones with gold arms (pictured here, for the days when I feel like being a little more subtle) – for about $35. And that’s including S&H, as well as an anti-reflection coating on both pairs. I love them…and I especially love that even if I didn’t love them (or if I lost them, as I am sometimes wont to do with my glasses), I could make up for the lost cash by foregoing two days’ worth of Starbucks.

Easy purchasing process + incredible value for money + perfect eyesight = happy me.

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