Artisan Salts / Melissa Is Awesome

Because Melissa is awesome and knows that things like gourmet salts are inexplicably exciting to me, she sent me home from our beer & cheese tasting with a wonderful gift: three jars of Artisan Salt. Cyprus Flake is a mild salt with a unique pyramid shape – perfect for finishing dishes – and has already been called into action (I sprinkled it over last night’s delicious dinner – recipe to come). Murray River (pictured at left), a peach-pink salt with a mild flavor, is both beautiful and versatile and would be perfect to set out in a small dish at a dinner party. Finally, Salish is a fine, smoky salt ideal for grilled meats or creamy pasta dishes (plus it’s a very cool-looking dark-grey color).

And, of course, all three should (and will) be sprinkled over freshly sliced tomatoes as often as possible for the remainder of the summer.

A great rundown of the different kinds of gourmet salt can be found HERE.

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