10-Minute Makeup

10 Minute Makeup from Jordan Reid on Vimeo.

Lately I’ve been loving Lisa Eldridge’s instructional videos in which she tests out different beauty products and brands, and yesterday evening I got all inspired to do one of my own. My video is less beautifully shot than Lisa’s are – we’re talking 100% natural lighting (no one’s friend) and a very fancy set called My Bedroom, but hey…work with what you got, right?

This video shows my 10-minute makeup routine (actually more like 5 minutes if you cut out the chattering), including a little extra punch for nighttime. A run-down of the products I use:

HydraEssence Hydrating Creme Concentrate

Votre Vu Tout Le Monde (product sample provided by manufacturer)

Cle de Peau concealer

MAC Studio Fix (in C3)

NARS Laguna bronzer

NARS Super Orgasm blush

MAC Eyebrow pencil

Tarte eyeshadow palette (discontinued, but I recommend NARS Ondine as a substitute for the 2nd shade; try Laura Mercier’s Baked Palette for the other two shades)

Sephora liquid eyeliner

Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero (black)

NARS Glitter Pencil in Area (black with sparkles)

– Cover Girl mascara

NARS Angelika gloss (product sample provided by manufacturer)

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  • This was really great Jordan, I definitely will steal some of your tips 😀

  • teapea

    WOW! $70 for the Cle de Peau concealer? That could break the bank!

    Any other suggestions for something similar, yet cheaper?

    • jordanreid

      yeah, it's a fortune – i know. i had a panic attack when i bought it, but it's one of those splurges that i think is worth it, because it lasts a billion times longer and covers way better than anything else i've tried (a makeup artist gave my first tube to me on a set a couple of years ago and it lasted a year and a half with almost daily use)…and so it feels like it sort of works out, since other concealers i've used don't last nearly as long. sorry for the run-on sentence 🙂

      as an alternative i'd recommend laura mercier's secret camouflage – it really is as good as they say it is, and at $28 much more wallet-friendly.

      • jordanreid

        oh, and as a less expensive alternative to laguna, i recently tried out carmindy for sally hansen's bronzer and thought it was really nice, very similar to the nars stuff.

        • teapea

          i just bought sally hansen's clear lip gloss with a little pump in it. although it doesn't give a big pump…the gloss is simply wonderful! plus it's my go to nail polish!

          • jordanreid

            lip gloss with a pump? i've never seen that before — neat 🙂

      • How does it compare to Touche Eclat?Also for mascara have you tried Fiberwig? I love it and am addicted…

        • jordanreid

          Well, I don't really use Cle de Peau for undereye (only the outer edges of the eyes), so I can't really compare it to Touche Eclat; I'd think it'd be a little heavy/thick for the undereye area (see above comment re: my terror of tugging the skin). Years ago I used to use Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (as opposed to Secret Camouflage), and I remember it being great for under the eyes, because it was super-creamy…almost too creamy for the rest of the face.
          No, haven't tried Fiberwig, but have heard of it. What does it do, exactly?

          • Its a super badass very black lengthening but not goopy mascara that never smudges or flakes. It gets a tiny bit spiky on first app, so I get excess off with my finger, but once its on it looks very lush and very natural.
            ( Wait, it does flake- when it dies that's when you get a new tube, 3-4 mos later) .
            I get sticky clumps with Dior, and Revlon and Maybelline smudge on me, so I love the Fiberwig. Apply once in the morning once in the evening after work if going out, you never have to think about it – AND best for last it rinses off with water. Yes it does!

  • Nice video, I like your badass eyeliner. Now I feel like your MOM yelling at you but honey please don't pull the skin around your eyes down like that to put on eyeliner! It is really bad for the very delicate skin under your eyes and can make wrinkles!I know I sound insane but I am way older than you and still get carded ( ok last time by a very recent immigrant with glasses but still) … and I am careful careful about how I handle the skin on my face. I think I read somewhere years ago that some fancy movie star would only stroke her face upwards and and followed that. Anyways I know you can be a wee bit gentler with your undereye area…. Aaaand mom time is over.

    • jordanreid

      You know, I thought that as I watched the video! I don't think I'm usually that tuggy – there may have been a bit of performance anxiety involved 😉 And that's another reason why I'm wary of undereye concealer – I don't like tugging on the area.
      But head is officially hung; I will be more careful going forward!

      • Yeah I thought maybe shes nervous because it's on video! Figures. Good job though esp in the heat!

        • jordanreid

          I totally was! A couple of minutes in, you can even see that my neck gets all red and splotchy from nerves. Sigh. I guess this means I should never play poker 😉

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