Saturday / Coney Island

Saturday was Coney Island Day: always an excellent day for us, and one that we will likely be repeating a couple more times before fall hits (most certainly for the Coney Island Rockabilly Festival over Labor Day weekend, totallylookingforwardtoityay).

Coney Island is surprisingly easy to get to: about an hour on the N or Q trains from most points in Manhattan (the R has too many stops; don’t take it), and once you’re there, you’re there. Like, right in the middle of total and utter bliss.

My Coney Island Must-Dos:

– Ride the Spook-o-Rama

– Jump around in the water fountain/palm tree-thing on the beach with the kids

– Stop into Ruby’s Old Tyme Bar & Grill (on the boardwalk) for a beer and fabulous jukebox action

– Eat a Nathan’s hot dog with sauerkraut

– Play that dart-throwing game (I won Lucy’s new best friend Louis, pictured below), Skee-Ball, and Dance Dance Revolution

– Embarrass self at Whack-A-Mole (score: seven)

– Visit Coney Island Craft Lagers to learn how to home-brew a dry-hopped pilsner (buy them HERE)

– Check out the Circus Sideshow

Clockwise from top left: On the N; Kendrick in Ruby’s; at Nathan’s, waiting for my dog; Skee-Ball; Coney Island Pilsner; my boy Louis (won from throwing darts with incredible, spot-on accuracy).

Snippets & Joy:

Coney Island! from Jordan Reid on Vimeo.

  • Alex_FBNY

    Other recs: Totonno's Pizza, the aquarium, the Cyclone, and (although wildly un-PC) the Coney Island Freak Show. Their troupe is made up of burlesque performers and, last time I went anyway, a guy who calls himself the “Black Scorpion.” He has born with several fingers fused together so his hands look like pincers, but I have honestly never seen a dude so pursued by groupies after a show as he was. His act was amazing and he seems like such a cool guy. Highly recommended.

    Things to avoid: Popeye's, unfortunately. I have gone to the Coney Island location two or three times (Because, you know. Biscuits.), but have been nearly peed on / assaulted / cussed out by junkies each time. And I get enough of that at family events.

    (Also, this is 'Oh It's Alex', but, for some reason, I had to log in with my Disqus work ID for my comment to go through.)

    • jordanreid

      I totally called the freak show the Circus Sideshow (its official name) because I was scared of being un-PC!!! It is AMAZING, and totally worth the price of admission. Re: Coney Island Popeye's, that is sad. Biscuits, yes.

  • AthenaYork

    Um, could you be any more ethnocentric?: “Coney Island is surprisingly easy to get to: takes about an hour.” Takes about an hour for whom? You? Maybe you should clarify. Because even all your NYC readers might not live in Manhattan. . . .

    • jordanreid

      I meant from most points in Manhattan, but yep, wasn't clear. Updated!

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